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Occupational Health Watch - April 2020

Workers Memorial Day: Honoring Lost Workers by Preventing Future Fatalities

On April 28th the California Department of Public Health’s Occupational Health Branch (OHB) will join with other worker health and safety groups around the state to remember those who have died on the job. In California, 422 workers lost their lives to work-related injuries in 2018. At this point in 2020, it is unknown how many of California’s health care workers and other essential workers may lose their lives because of the work they do.
OHB strives to prevent future fatalities by improving worker health and safety through prevention activities. Each year, we remember – and renew – our commitment to safe and healthy working conditions for all workers.

Workers Memorial Day events commemorate those who have died on the job, and highlight efforts to prevent workplace deaths, illness and injury. Due to the spread and impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, many commemorative events will be held virtually. More information on events is available on the AFL-CIO Workers Memorial Day website.  

Photo: Solar panel installer with fall protection on a roof.


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