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Occupational Health Watch: April 2018

A Spotlight on Safety for Workers Memorial Day

A worker applies a safer paint removal product to the wood exterior of a home.The California Department of Public Health's Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program has been working to prevent workplace fatalities since 1992. On Workers Memorial Day we reflect on the lives lost and commit to raising awareness of safer ways to work.

Workers continue to die while using methylene chloride, a life-threatening chemical that is widely sold to strip paint from surfaces. A new FACE investigation report (PDF) details the case of a California worker who died while using methylene chloride to strip paint from a bathtub and recommends safe practices.

The OHB website has additional resources on preventing deaths from methylene chloride and safer alternatives to toxic paint removers.

Landscaping and tree trimming are high-hazard occupations that FACE has highlighted over the years. A new landscaping safety and resource web page compiles past reports and safety recommendations.


Photo: A worker applies a safer paint removal product.


Methylene Chloride Investigation Report (PDF)

Landscaping & Tree Trimming Safety Resources

Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program website

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