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emerging workplace hazards unit (ewhu)

Photos of workers in diverse workplaces - wildfire area, chemical storage, a cannabis farm, and rideshare driver​​​The Emerging Workplace Hazards Unit (EWHU) identifies and investigates newly recognized or previously under-addressed workplace health and safety risks. EWHU works to inform and educate employers and workers so that injury and illness on the job can be prevented.

Some examples of emerging workplace hazards include:  

  • ​H​azards connected to natural or human-made disasters (e.g., chemical fires/explosions, wildfire smoke, extreme weather events).  
  • New, harmful chemicals or products that are used in the workplace (e.g., engineered stone or quartz countertops). 
  • Risks to workers associated with infectious diseases and ​​public health emergencies (e.g., COVID-19, mpox) 
  • Hazards found in new or expanding​​​ industries or work processes (e.g., cannabis cultivation and processing, warehouse delivery fulfillment workers). 
  • Risks faced by workers with non-traditional work arrangements (e.g., “gig” economy jobs such as rideshare or food delivery driver).​

​Recent Work by EWHU Team

NEW Annual Review of Public Health, Extreme Heat and Occupational Health Risks 
A review of the impacts of climate change on global temperatures and the increased risk of heat-related illness for workers. ​​

Team members contributed to guidance for schools on how to use and maintain ventilation systems properly to limit the spread of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases. ​
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