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HAzard Evaluation System & information service


The Hazard Evaluation System and Information Service, or HESIS, investigates new and unrecognized workplace hazards, provides early warning, and works to prevent illness and disease on the job.

To promote worker health and safety, HESIS:

  • Identifies and evaluates new and unappreciated workplace chemical hazards

  • Evaluates complex scientific information on potential hazards to determine what it means for people in real work situations

  • Visits workplaces to learn about job hazards firsthand

  • Develops practical information and health alerts on workplace hazards for workers and employers

  • Partners with unions, employer groups, and others to distribute vital hazard information

  • Recommends protective occupational health standards

HESIS is supported by an interagency agreement between the California Department of Industrial Relations and the California Department of Public Health.

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