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Bicycle Head Injury Prevention Program

Note: SAC does not currently have a bicycle safety program. We offer the following information to those who want to understand bicycle safety for themselves or because they want to be involved in prevention programs.

Riding a bicycle is a wonderful and joyful experience available to us throughout our life span, and is a great way to get exercise and enjoy pollution-free transportation. As with any form of recreation or transportation, safety is a prime concern. Many bicyclists in California suffer severe injuries each year. In 2004, for example, 139 Californians died in bicycle mishaps. Another 3,217 had to be hospitalized. Twenty-two percent of the hospitalized bicyclists had a traumatic brain injury. And sadly, the lifetime costs to care for one person with a traumatic brain injury can exceed $4.6 million.

A crucial part of any bike safety program is promoting proper use of safety helmets. Why?

  • Designing and implementing educational interventions to reduce injury, death and disability by increasing the use of bicycle helmets.  A successful program in Pittsburg, California, saw the helmet use rate climb from 22 percent to 72 percent.
  • Developing strategies to disseminate helmets to low-income children.
  • Encouraging the enforcement of the state law which requires youth under the age of 18 to wear a helmet every time they ride.  Enforcement strategies include traditional tickets, fix-it tickets, prizes, incentives, educational classes, etc.
  • Encouraging the adoption and enforcement of school policies requiring students who ride to school to wear a helmet.
  • Encouraging adults and teens to serve as role models for younger children by wearing helmets when they cycle.
  • Collaborating with many other organizations such as the Department’s Maternal and Child Health Branch, California Department of Education, and the California Office of Traffic Safety.

Mick Harte Was Here

This children's book can be used as an educational or promotional tool to support bike safety education and school helmet policies.

  • Ideas for Using Mick Harte Was Here as a Promotional Tool - Word, PDF
  • Teacher's Guide for using Mick Harte Was Here in the classroom - Word, PDF
  • This book is available at many bookstores including Amazon.com

Power Point Presentations

The following presentations in Power Point are for those who may wish to use these materials to train staff and volunteers on these important bike safety topics.  These overheads are basic in nature allowing use by a less sophisticated technical person.  You are free to customize these materials for your presentations.

Unlimited permission to use and/or adapt is granted for educational purposes only with credit as follows: "Original material developed by CDPH, SLIC, Bicycle Head Injury Prevention Program." This material may not be sold or incorporated into material that is for sale and may not be used in presentations for which a charge is made to the participant.

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