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Preharvest Shellfish Protection and Marine Biotoxin Monitoring Program


Updated information on quarantines and shellfish toxins is available by calling CDPH's Shellfish Information Line at (800) 553-4133. 

Annual Mussel Quarantine - Frequently Asked Questions

Razor Clam Monitoring Data – Domoic Acid (PDF) Opens in new window.Updated on June 10, 2016

California Department of Fish and Wildlife - Commission Closes Recreational Razor Clam Fishery in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties - April 27, 2016

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The Preharvest Shellfish Protection and Marine Biotoxin Monitoring Program (Shellfish Program) is in the Environmental Management Branch, which is part of CDPH's Center for Environmental Health.  The Shellfish Program conducts, surveys, classifies and monitors commercial shellfish growing areas in conformance with the National Shellfish Sanitation Program.   It also monitors numerous points along the California coastline for marine biotoxins in shellfish and toxigenic phytoplankton in the waters.  Warnings are issued or quarantines are established as needed for recreational and commercial shellfish harvesting. 

The purpose of the preharvest shellfish activities is to establish sanitary requirements for shellfish growing waters and to regulate the commercial growing and harvesting of shellfish to assure that shellfish are safe for human consumption. 

For more information on shellfish-related activities, contact Gregg Langlois by phone at 510 412-4635 or by e-mail to gregg.langlois@cdph.ca.gov, or click here for others (PDF)Opens in new window.in the Shellfish Program.

Quarantines and Health Advisories

Phytoplankton Monitoring Program

The CDPH Marine Biotoxin Program coordinates a volunteer-based monitoring effort for toxic phytoplankton along the entire California coastline. Follow the link below for an overview of this unique volunteer effort and an explanation of the importance of phytoplankton monitoring for public health protection.

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