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Walk Smart

Welcome to California's WalkSmart website, where you can learn more about staying safe as a walker and
protecting walkers while driving.


WalkSmartCA is part of the It's Up to All of Us public education campaign, which is designed to educate both pedestrians and drivers on what steps they can take to keep our streets safe. 

To get the message out, the campaign features ads that focus on:

  • Not texting while walking
  • Slowing down when you see pedestrians
  • Higher speeds lead to more severe pedestrian injury
  • Staying alert and aware
  • Recognizing you are driving through our community



An important step in improving pedestrian safety is being prepared. 

Learn more about the action steps you can take after a pedestrian crash and what can be done in advance to prepare your community to respond effectively following a pedestrian crash.






Improving pedestrian safety takes a full range of partners. 

Find out what other programs and resources are available by visiting our partner websites.









    WalkSmartCA is implemented by the California Department of Public Health/PedSafe Program, through a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.






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