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Senior Injuries

Injuries are a major threat to older Californians, especially among the very old.  The top three fatal injuries include falls, suicide, and motor vehicle traffic injuries.  Unfortunately, the consequences of injuries can be extreme, and personal and public economic costs are often immense.  And, as the population of older persons is growing in the United States, the number of injuries is also likely to grow.  Fortunately, however, many of the injuries suffered by older persons are preventable.  Public health colleagues within CDPH are working together to develop policies and programs to reduce those factors that place seniors at risk (e.g., to promote strength and balance training to prevent falls).

More data are available by going to our EPICenter injury data web site.  The top 5 causes of death and hospitalization and seniors can be found by clicking on the "top 5 causes of injury" link near the top of the page.  For information on the numbers of hospitalized injuries and fatalities for the county you live in or California as a whole, click on "injuries by cause and age."

NO MORE FALLS! Senior Injury Prevention Project

The No More Falls! Senior Injury Prevention Project is a three-year federally funded demonstration project being conducted by Humboldt and San Diego county health departments.  Through this project, we hope to demonstrate that falls can indeed be prevented among seniors who live in the community.  The project utilizes public health nurses who conduct a comprehensive health assessment for clients to determine it they are at risk of falling.  Each client is then provided information and education on how to reduce those risks, is referred to specialized senior balance and strength training, and provided an in-home hazard assessment.  If hazards are found, there is also some funding available to help make home modifications and do small repairs. 


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