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Breastfeeding and Healthy Living: Information on Right to Breastfeed in Public Card

MO-07-0049 BFP


The bilingual (Spanish/English) “Right to Breastfeeding in Public” Card has been created in response to reports that mothers were told to stop breastfeeding despite the fact that they are granted the right to breastfeed by California law.

WARNING – make sure the mothers understand this is NOT a “license” they are required to carry with them in order to have the right to breastfeed! (This DID happen in another state!)

The documents can be printed on business-card documents or printed on cardstock and cut so that they can be given to breastfeeding mothers.

The WORD document is a large file but when downloaded, it which can be edited, pictures can be added or deleted to meet the needs of the community, and local numbers and names can be added.


1. Choose a front page to download:

  • African American - Option 1 Opens a new browser window.Word ...PDF
  • African American - Option 2 Opens a new browser window.Word ...PDF 
  • Caucasian - Option 1Opens a new browser window.Word ...PDF
  • Caucasian - Option 2Opens a new browser window.Word ...PDF
  • Latinas
  • 2. Choose a back page to download:

  • EnglishOpens a new browser window.Word ...PDF
  • SpanishOpens a new browser window.Word ...PDF
  • 3.  If using a Word document:

    i. Utilize the pictures that best reflect your community.

    ii. For the back, delete the CDPH website and add contact information that mothers can access within your community.


    The lines that divide each card will not print so that they will not show if the cutting is not exact. However, if you wish them to print, highlight the table and “right click” “borders and shading” and choose “grid”

    • They can be printed in heavy stock paper and then cut
    • Or they can be printed on perforated 8 ½”x 11” sheets of business cards with the spacing for Avery #5376, which does not have a central margin.
    • If you plan to print on both sides, make sure to purchase paper that allows double-sided printing.

    Suggestions for Use:

    • Collaborate with agencies such WIC, AFLP, BIH, etc. and hospitals to distribute to breastfeeding mothers
    • Share with members in the Breastfeeding Coalitions
    • Distribute to Chambers of Commerce and businesses so that they can educate their employees to avoid legal problems 


    Photo Credits: USDA WIC Image Gallery 

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