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This Web page is no longer being maintained or updated; it is provided for historical purposes only. For current information on seasonal influenza (flu), see the California Department of Public Health Influenza Web page.

 H1N1 Flu Information

General Information

H1N1 Flu Vaccine Supply Information

Weekly updates of the number of H1N1 flu vaccine orders filled in California will no longer be posted after January 15, 2010, due to changes in the vaccine allocation system and the ample supply of vaccine. Vaccine orders continue to be shipped throughout the week. For more information, please see H1N1 Flu Vaccine Supply Questions and Answers

Status of California H1N1 Vaccine Doses as of January 15, 2010

Status of California H1N1 Vaccine Doses

Doses Allocated by CDC to California for the week ending 01/15/10


Doses Filled by CDPH for the week ending (from unallocated doses) 01/15/10


Cumulative Doses Allocated by CDC to California as of 01/15/10


Cumulative Total Doses Filled by CDPH (from CDC allocation above) as of 01/15/10


Percentage of Doses Filled by CDPH per California Population


Note: 1) Doses filled by CDPH by the end of the week can be expected to be shipped to California     

              within 3-5 days from the day of order.

         2) Processing time for filling orders once allocations are made by CDC is approximately 1-2 days.  

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