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Workplace Health and Safety

Protecting the health of all Californians means doing everything we can to make sure that working men and women come home healthy at the end of the day.  Our jobs should be free of hazards known to cause injury, illness, or death.  No one should have to choose between working in pain and not working. 

Much of the environmental pollution that threatens our communities originates in the workplace.  Controlling workplace hazards not only protects workers; it makes our homes, schools, and communities safer for everyone.  Preventing worker injury and illness also protects families from the uncertainty and financial stress that results when a parent or family member is disabled or unable to work.

The Occupational Health Branch in the California Department of Public Health works to prevent injury and illness on the job before they happen.  We identify and evaluate job hazards, provide information on new hazards, and work with our partners to develop safer ways to work.   

The Occupational Health Branch is currently focusing major prevention efforts in the areas of work-related asthma, fatal injuries, flavorings-related lung disease, work-related lead poisoning, pesticide illness, chemical hazards in the workplace, and cosmetic safety.

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