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Sacramento ARCC  

UC, Davis/Sacramento 

4860 Y Street, Suite 3900
Sacramento, CA  95817
PH: 916-734-5496
FX: 916-456-9350

Website:  University of California, Davis/Sacramento

Principal Investigator:  Dan Mungas, Ph.D.
Medical Director:  Charles DeCarli, M.D.

The UC Davis ARCC was established in 1985 in Sacramento has provided leadership in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) clinical care, research and education.  As an Alzheimer’s Research Center of California (ARCC), the Center is building upon the clinical,
research, educational and community base that has been developed to promote the availability of high-quality clinical services for the growing, elderly segment of the population in the region.  The Center has traditionally served a very large geographic area in northern California, much of which is rural.  Research programs associated with the Center have focused on cognitive and functional impairment in elderly Hispanics.

The UCD ADC-S is one of two clinical sites of a National Institute on Aging Alzheimer’s Disease Center (NIA ADC) and shares in collaborative data collection and research associated with the NIA ADC.  The Center’s research efforts with Hispanic elderly are supported by three separate grants from the NIA. The satellite clinic component of the NIA ADC supports outreach to, and recruitment of, patients from this population. Dr. Mungas has a grant, funded in 1992 and competitively renewed in 1997, to develop
psychometrically matched English and Spanish neuropsychological tests. Another ongoing project at the ARCC is an epidemiological study of dementia and functional impairment in elderly Hispanics.  These two projects will provide an excellent opportunity to cross-validate findings and methods from the ARCC research projects on diagnostic methods using a population-based sample.  Patients identified in the epidemiological study will be followed in another research project examining factors which influence access to recommended services.

A central focus of the UCD ADC-S is expanding services for rural and Hispanic northern Californians. The ARCC is building upon existing UC Davis Health Care System strengths, including an established network of primary care providers serving the Center’s catchment area, its associated health maintenance organization, and an innovative UC Davis Telemedicine program to accomplish these goals.

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