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Beaches and Recreational Waters:  Regulations and Guidance

Last Update: January 12, 2011

The Deparment of Health Services (DHS, now CDPH) prepared the following material to assist local health agencies in addressing microbiological contamination of beaches and recreational waters. 


Guidance for Salt Water Beaches

Fresh Water Beaches


Appendices and References for Guidance for Salt- and Fresh-Water Beaches

  • Appendix A (PDF) Opens in new window.-  State Regulation of Beaches and Recreational Waters (Last update: April 2006)
  • Appendix B (PDF) Opens in new window.-  US EPA Guidance for Recreational Waters and Beaches  (Last update: July 2000)
  • Appendix C (PDF) Opens in new window.-  Local Guidance and Ordinances (Last update:  July 2000)
  • Appendix D (PDF) Opens in new window.-  Microbiological Indicator Organisms in Standards and Guidance (Last update:  July 2000)
  • Appendix E (PDF) Opens in new window.-  Epidemiological Studies Related to Ocean Water and Fresh Water Recreation (Last update:  July 2000)
  • Appendix F (PDF) Opens in new window.-  Information and World Health Organization Guidelines for Cyanobacteria (Last update: May 2006)
  • References (PDF) Opens in new window.-  Literature cited (Last update: April 2006)

For More Information

For more on Recreational Health Program activities, contact Eric Trevena by phone at 916 449-5695 or email at Eric Trevena.

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