Highlights of Our Work

We're working in partnership with communities, families and people with opioid use disorder to prevent substance use, mitigate harm from drugs and provide life-saving strategies.

ATLAS Treatment Locator 

ATLAS is a free, easy-to-use online directory of substance use disorder treatment facilities. ATLAS features evidence-based information to help individuals (and supporters of people seeking help) find the treatment they need. 

CA Bridge Program  

The California Bridge Program is developing hospitals and emergency rooms into primary access points for the treatment of acute symptoms of Substance Use Disorder – enhancing and increasing access to 24/7 treatment in every community in the state.

Empowering Faith Leaders in California 

The Clinton Foundation's Empowering Faith Leaders in California project addresses the opioid epidemic through a collaborative learning opportunity to empower religious leaders from diverse faith traditions to take on leadership roles in addressing substance use disorders within their communities. 

Naloxone Distribution Project 

The Naloxone Distribution Project aims to reduce opioid overdose deaths through the provision of free naloxone. 

Opioid Prevention and Education Campaign 
The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is working to raise awareness of fentanyl among youth and young adults to prevent overdose and overdose death. This campaign uses a stigma-free approach to raise awareness among families and communities, empowering them to respond to the overdose epidemic with life-saving solutions and strategies. 

Song for Charlie: Fentanyl Awareness and Drug Education Program 
This online learning hub equips California families with actionable information and tools that may help parents keep California's youth safe from harm and facilitate open conversations about mental health, substances and the heightened risks associated with self-medication caused by the emergence of synthetic drugs like fentanyl in the street drug supply. 

State Overdose Safety (SOS) Workgroup

The Statewide Overdose Safety (SOS) Workgroup coordinates California's multi-agency response to the drug overdose crisis. Through its Harm Reduction, Upstream Prevention and Public Safety sub-groups, it aims to reduce fatal overdoses via collaborative strategies, data sharing and policy development.

Substance Use Disorder Provider Workforce Training 

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is expanding California's behavioral health workforce, as well as all other behavioral health professions, to improve consumer access to and productive participation in behavioral health services throughout the state.

Young People in Recovery 

Young People in Recovery launches chapters and life-skills curriculum programs to youth in recovery from opioid use and substance use disorders.​

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