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The California I​mmunization Registry (CAIR2) is a secure, confidential, statewide computerized immunization information system for California residents.

​​CAIR2 Sc​hool Use​​r Access Is Still A​​vai​​​lable

You may have received a communication about the removal of CAIR2 access to School Users starting March 1 as part of the transition to SCRL (see below). Since that communication, we have decided to postpone removing School Users until we complete a couple of enhancements. We will keep you informed of when the removal of access to CAIR2 will occur.  

The School and Childcare​ Roster Lookup (SCRL)
is available!

The SCRL tool quickly returns the immunization status for individual students or multiple students on your roster found in the California Immunization Registry (CAIR), using Pre-K(PDF) or K–12(PDF) immunization requirements. You can easily see which students are up to date or behind on their immunizations. Learn more about what the SCRL tool is from these Module Facts and FAQs and register by following the enrollment steps (PDF) listed on the CAIR Hub site. Pease email for SCRL assistance.  ​​​

Requirement to Submit Immunization Data to a California Registry

AB 1797, a new California bill effective January 1, 2023, requires providers to enter immunizations they administer as well as a patient’s r​ace and ethnicity into a California immunization registry (CAIR or RIDE/Healthy Futures). Please see “Enroll in CAIR2” below to enroll today. For additional information, see the AB 1797 Immunization Registry FAQs.

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