Welcome to the State of California 

State Responsibilities

  • Develop policies, procedures, protocols, regulations, and forms.
  • Establish State fees sufficient to reimburse start-up and ongoing costs.
  • Establish a uniform application process, an ID card production system, and a data repository for card verifications, through the development of a Web-based system that will:
    • Ensure information security through the use of protected firewalls and assigned User IDs and Passwords,
    • Collect and report application information entered by counties or their designees,
    • Assign unique card identification numbers,
    • Provide access by a state-contracted card printing vendor to produce the ID cards, and  
    • Allow immediate access for the verification of the ID cards by law enforcement officials and others.
  • Establish a denied application appeal process.

Comply with timeline requirement of SB 420.

Last modified on: 10/11/2016 1:27 PM