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Primary Caregiver Responsibilities

A primary caregiver is a person who consistently assumes the responsibility for the housing, health or safety of the applicant (patient).  This may be an individual or the owner, operator or employee of an appropriately licensed clinic, facility, hospice, or home health agency.  As a primary caregiver you cannot apply for a card for yourself.  Your patient must apply for you.  Your responsibilities are:

  • Provide proof of identity. See “Proof of Identity” under “Applicant(Patient) Responsibilities.”
  • Be prepared to be photographed. See “County Program Photographing” under “Applicant(Patient) Responsibilities.”
  • Complete and sign the “Primary Caregiver Declaration” portion of the Application/Renewal Form.
  • If you work for more than one qualified patient you must reside in the same county.
  • If you no longer work for a qualified patient, you must return your MMIC for confidential destruction to the county program that issued the card to you.
Last modified on: 2/14/2014 8:42 AM