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Legal Representative Responsibilities

 The legal representative is a person authorized to act on behalf of a patient who cannot make medical decisions for themselves.  The legal representative can be any of the following: a conservator with authority to make medical decisions; an attorney-in-fact under a durable power of attorney for health care; a surrogate decision maker authorized under another advanced health care directive; any other individual authorized by statutory or decisional law to make medical decisions for the person.  This can be the parent, legal guardian, or person or entity with legal authority to make medical decisions for a minor.  If you are acting on behalf of an applicant who cannot make medical decisions for themselves, you should read and be aware of all aspects of the application process.  Your responsibilities are:

  •  Provide proof of identity for yourself and the applicant (patient). See “Proof of Identity” under “Applicant/Patient Responsibilities.”
  • Provide proof of legal representation for the applicant (patient). This may include a living will, power of attorney for health care, advanced health care directive, or a court-issued document showing conservatorship.
  • For other application information, please see “Applicant (Patient) Responsibilities”.
  • If you are also acting as the applicant (patient's) primary caregiver, you will need to refer to “Primary Caregiver Responsibilities”.
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