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County Responsibilities

  • Identify the governmental or nongovernmental organization that is designated to carry out Program responsibilities as directed by the county.
  • Establish county fee portion of application charges.
  • Utilize MMP protocols developed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).
  • Provide, receive, and process applications for MMIC.
  • Take an electronically transmissible photo of the applicant (patient and/or primary caregiver) that meets criteria prescribed in the state protocols.
  • Collect application fees from applicants and transmit the State portion to the CDPH.
  • Utilize the Web-based system to transmit a limited amount of application information (e.g., designation of patient or primary caregiver, his or her photo, county or its designee and phone number, card expiration date, etc.) to CDPH's card production and data repository system.
  • Receive state produced ID cards and issue them to the cardholders.
  • Maintain various county records of the MMP.

Comply with timeline requirements of SB 420 and CDPH protocols and regulations.

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