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Information about California Clinical Laboratory Registration

Who should apply For California Clinical Laboratory Registration and CLIA Certificate of Waiver or PPMP?

Facilities performing waived (PDF) or Provider Performed Microscopy Procedures (PPMP) (PDF) clinical laboratory tests must apply for a state of California clinical laboratory registration and a federal CLIA certificate.

Important: Facilities performing non-waived (moderate and/or high complexity) clinical laboratory tests must apply for the appropriate California clinical laboratory license and a federal CLIA certificate.

How to apply for a California Clinical Laboratory Registration

Fee Information:

  • Registration application fee must be submitted in the form of a check or money order made payable to: California Department of Public Health.

  • The registration application fee is non-refundable and is subject to change with each fiscal year.

  • Reference the state laboratory fee schedule for up-to-date fee information.

  • Note: The federal CLIA program will bill you separately for the CLIA certification fee.

State forms to complete and submit:

All signatures must be original. Copies are not accepted.

Forms listed below can also be found on the LFS forms page.

Federal form to complete and submit:

Mail all items listed above to:

California Department of Public Health
Laboratory Field Services
850 Marina Bay Pkwy, Bldg. P-1st Floor
Richmond, CA 94804-6403

For additional information you may contact

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