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Testing Your Student at Home as They Return from Break

This holiday season, California encourages all school children to access at-home COVID-19 testing as they return to school following the holiday break. To help make this a reality, California is providing 1–2 rapid tests  for each K–12 public school student. These tests are being provided to local school districts via county offices of education. 

California encourages parents to:

  1. Test their children for COVID-19 as they return back to school from break, and
  2. Share the test results with their local health department via the Primary.Health link sent by your school or, if you did not receive a school link, report via the Primary.Health website or by accessing Primary.Health with a smartphone (by scanning a QR code).

Please use the following resources to encourage parents to access at-home COVID-19 testing as they send their children back to school from winter break.

Please also visit our Testing & COVID-19 and Holiday Gathering & Travel toolkits for additional resources.

School administrators, please email with questions.

Share the following resources with your communities. This material is downloadable and shareable.

Fact Sheet


8.5 x 11

How to Test Your Student for COVID-19 as They Return from Break: English (PDF), Spanish (PDF)


8.5 x 11

Parents, Please Share Your Test Results Flyer English (PDF), Spanish (PDF)

Social Media Images - English

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One test they don't have to study for


Testing your child for #COVID19 at home as they return to school protects your school community and can help reduce COVID spread.

  1. Test your student as they return to school.
  2. Report your child's test results (whether positive or negative) to your local health department by following the Primary.Health link sent by your school OR at
Keep your school community safe


You can protect your child and community by:

  1. Testing your child as they return to school.
  2. Reporting their results to your local health department via secure Primary.Health link sent by your school OR at
Learn more about testing your student at home as they return from break:

Back to school essentials


Add #COVID19 testing to your back-to-school essentials this winter. Test your child at home and report their results. For more information:

Social Media Images - Spanish

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Una prueba para la que no tienen que estudiar


Hacerle la prueba de #COVID19 a tu hijo en casa antes de regresar  a la escuela protege a la comunidad escolar y puede ayudar a reducir la propagación de COVID. 

  1. Hazle la prueba a tu hijo antes de  regresar a la escuela. 
  2. Reporta el resultado de la prueba de tu hijo (ya sea positivo o negativo) a tu departamento de salud local siguiendo el enlace de Primary.Health enviado por la escuela o en 

manten segura a tu comunidad escolar


Puedes proteger a tu hijo y a tu comunidad: 

  1. Haciéndole la prueba a tu hijo antes de regresar  a la escuela. 
  2. Reportando los resultados de la prueba de tu hijo al departamento de salud local por medio del sitio web seguro de Primary.Health. Sigue el enlace de Primary.Health de la escuela o visita

 Obtén más información sobre cómo hacerle la prueba a tu hijo en casa antes de regresar a clases de las vacaciones:

accesorios basicos para el regreso a la escuela


Agrega la prueba #COVID19 a los accesorios básicos para el  regreso a clases este invierno. Hazle la prueba a tu hijo en casa y reporta los resultados. Para obtener más información: 

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