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Let's Talk Monkeypox (MPX) Q&A Campaign

Share the following social media Q&As with your communities to help answer common questions about MPX. This material is downloadable and shareable.

For more resources and information, visit our full MPX communications toolkit and MPX homepage.

How do I get a vaccine?
Jynneos vaccines are currently prioritized for people who have been exposed
To find out if you're eligible for a vaccination, reach out to a health care provider or to your local health department

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Supplies of the monkeypox (MPX) JYNNEOS vaccine are limited at this time and are currently prioritized for people exposed or at high risk of being exposed to MPX.

Reach out to a health care provider or your local health department to find out if you are eligible for vaccination.

Learn more about MPX and the JYNNEOS vaccine by going to:

Is Monkeypox serious
MPX can be a serious desiease in some people but rarely casues death. People at high risk for severe disease include those with
Current hospitalization rates are low. Howerever, symptoms can be vary painful, and rash/sores might leave permanent scarring.

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Monkeypox (MPX) can be a serious disease in some people but rarely causes death.

There are certain people who may be at higher risk for severe symptoms. Some people may also experience very painful symptoms from the rash/sores that could leave permanent scarring.

If you notice symptoms, avoid close contact with other and reach out to a health care provider immediately. Learn more about MPX at:

How can I lower my chances of getting monkeypox
There are several ways to prevent MPX.
Additional ways to prevent MPX
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There are several ways to lower your chances of getting monkeypox (MPX). The best way to prevent MPX is to avoid physical contact and sharing items (e.g., utensils, cups, clothing, towels, and bedding) with people who have symptoms like rash/sores.

Learn about MPX and how to protect yourself and others at:

Is monkeypox the same as COVID-19
MPX is a completely different disease and doesn't spread as easily as COVID-19
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Monkeypox (MPX) is not the same as COVID-19, and they spread in very different ways. Learn more about MPX and how it differs from COVID-19 at:
What treatments are available for monkeypox?
Tecovirimat are antiviral pills used to treat MPX, however supplies are still limited. This treatment may be prescribed to peopl
Health care providers may also recommend other treatments to address symptoms.
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Health care providers may recommend antiviral pills, tecovirimat (TPOXX), or other treatments for people with MPX symptoms. Contact a health care provider if you have symptoms to ask about treatment options. Learn more about MPX and treatments at:
What should I do if I have monkeypox symptoms, like a rash and sores?
If you have MPX symptoms you should contact a health care provider as soon as you notice symptoms
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Notice symptoms like new or unexplained rash and sores on your body? Contact a health care provider immediately to test for MPX and avoid others until you get checked out. Learn more about MPX at:

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