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California Statewide Medical & Health Exercise

Welcome to the California Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Program

The 2019 Statewide Medical and Health Exercise (SWMHE) will be hosted November 18 to November 22, 2019.

The new templates for the 2019 exercise are available here.  The scenario for the 2019 SWMHE is a local flooding event. 


The SWMHE Program consists of objective driven exercise templates and generic exercise templates to assist jurisdictions, organizations and facilities participate in the yearly exercise. The program utilizes the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and aligns with Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) and Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) grant requirements.

The SWMHE Program is customizable to fit the needs of any organization, jurisdiction or facility. You can change the scenario, exercise date, objectives, or any other details to fit your needs.

A Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan (MYTEP) has been developed for the SWMHE Program. The MYTEP details suggested capabilities, scenarios, and focus regions for future years and can be found using the link above.


The SWMHE Planning Workgroup values your feedback and works to incorporate suggestions for improvement. Please take a moment to complete our quick survey regarding your 2018 SWMHE experience. Survey Link

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Exercise Templates

Pre-Exercise Templates                 Exercise Templates               Post-Exercise Templates

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