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Test Order Fungal Identification: Yeast and Mold Ribosomal DNA Sequencing

Pre-Approval Required


Supplemental Information or Form

Form LAB 448 (7/04) MDL 60) is required for submission of samples

Performed on Specimens From

California county public health laboratories

Acceptable Sample/Specimen Type for Testing

Pure culture on solid media in tube with tightened screw cap, taped

Minimum Volume Required


Storage & Preservation of Sample/Specimen Prior to Shipping

Incubated at 25°-30°C (or refrigerated)



Sample/Specimen Labeling

Patient name and accession number

Shipping Instructions which Include Specimen Handling Requirements

Ship cultures as infectious substances

Test Methodology

Identification of yeast and mold species through fungal ribosomal DNA sequencing

Turnaround Time

1-2 weeks

Interferences & Limitations

Culture non-viable or contamination

Additional Information


MDL Points of Contact

Mycobacterial and Mycotic Diseases Section
(510) 412-3924 or (510) 412-3926
Email: or

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