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Latent TB infection treatment

If your doctor informs that you have latent TB, it is important that you take medication to stop the germs in your body from growing and making you very sick. Even though you may not feel sick, taking medications now will prevent you and your family from getting sick from TB disease in the future.

It is a lot easier to treat latent TB infection than TB disease. 

While there are different medications available to treat latent TB infection, a shorter treatment option is recommended.​​

Did you know there is a 12-week treatment for latent TB infection?

In this short time, you can get rid of the TB germs in your body.   


       Rifapentine                                                               Isoniazid                                                        Vitamin B6

      There are 6 rifapentine pills.                              There are 3 isoniazid pills.                    There is 1 vitamin B6 pill.

Other medications that your doctor may recommend are rifampin or isoniazid only. It is important that you complete ALL of your medication for it to work properly!

Taking your medication for latent TB infection


  • Review all of your current medications with your doctor. For example, birth control pills, diabetes medications, over the counter medications and vitamin supplements.
  • There are two methods of taking your medication. You and your doctor will decide which method will work best for you. The two methods are:
    • Self-administered therapy (SAT): You would take your medication on your own.

    • Directly observed therapy (DOT): You would take your medications while your doctor or nurse observes you.


  • Take all ten pills once a week on the same day. You must take them at the same time but you can swallow each pill one at a time.
  • If you miss a day of your medication, call your doctor.



  • You have to take all of your medication as your doctor recommends. If not, the TB germs may multiply and be harder to get rid of.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol until you complete treatment.
  • Serious side effects are rare, but if you experience any of these symptoms, call your doctor: 
    • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain or stomach cramps
    • fever
    • rash or itching
    • yellow eyes or skin
    • less appetite or no appetite for food
    • severe tiredness or weakness
    • pain, tingling or numbness in your hands, feet or joints
    • feeling dizzy or lightheaded
    • dark colored urine - red or orange urine is normal because of the vitamin B6

In 12 weeks, you will be done!​

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