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Currently, MDL is part of the Division of Communicable Disease Control (DCDC), Center for Infectious Diseases (CID), and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). It is located since 2003 on the Richmond Campus of the CDPH. The laboratory has five sections: Bacterial Diseases; Foodborne and Waterborne Diseases; High Risk Pathogens; Immunodiagnostic, Mycotic and Parasitic Diseases; and Mycobacterial Diseases. Beside reference testing, MDL conducts applied research and teaching of public health microbiologists and post-doctoral fellows.  The laboratory has 60 staff members, which include laboratory directors, public health microbiologists, research scientists, technicians and fellows.


MDL Organization


Bacterial Diseases Section

Reference Bacteriology Unit

Sexually Transmitted Infection Unit

Molecular Bacteriology unit


Foodborne and Waterborne Diseases Section

Foodborne and Waterborne Diseases Detection Unit 

Foodborne and Waterborne Diseases Genotyping Unit


High Risk Pathogens Section

Tier 1 Select Agents and LRN Unit 

Vaccine Preventable Pathogens Unit


Immunodiagnostic, Mycotic and Parasitic Diseases Section

Immunodiagnostic Unit

Mycotic and Parasitic Diseases Unit


Mycobacterial Diseases Section

Mycobacterial Characterization Unit

Mycobacterial Drug Susceptibility Unit

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