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COVID-19 County Variance Attestation Form 

Revised May 18, 2020

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has revised the COVID-19 County Variance Attestation Form. 

If a county did not meet the criteria outlined in the prior attestation form and would like to complete the COVID-19 County Variance Form (revised May 18, 2020) in order to move more quickly through Stage 2, a county may do so by submitting the required documentation as specified in the new form.

The goal continues to be to open the state in a way that minimizes the risk for COVID-19 to the extent possible, which includes: 1) limiting non-essential movement and mixing of populations, especially within jurisdictions with higher confirmed cases, and 2) delaying the opening of environments in which there is prolonged and close contact as part of the way business must operate. CDPH made some changes most notably in the Epidemiologic Stability of COVID-19 section.   

As we continue to move through this process, we recognized a need to make changes to the criteria that counties must meet to move through Stage 2.  

Counties That Have Filed an Attestation

On May 8th, the Governor outlined a process where counties who met specific criteria could move more quickly than other parts of the state through Stage 2 of modifying the Stay-at-Home order. 

The counties below have filed an Attestation that they have met the readiness criteria specified in the May 8, 2020 COVID-19 County Variance Attestation Form (PDF). These counties can move more quickly through Stage 2 opening sectors once state guidance is posted for that sector. 

Click on the county links below to see the Attestation Form and supporting documentation:

Below is the list of business activities/sectors that fall within and outside Stage 2:

Stage 2

Early Stage 2: California is now open with modifications.

  • Curb-side retail

  • Manufacturers

  • Logistics

  • Childcare for those outside of the essential workforce

  • Office-based businesses (telework remains strongly encouraged)

  • Select services: car washes, pet grooming and landscape gardening

  • Outdoor museums, open gallery spaces and other public spaces with modifications

Expanded Stage 2 with Attestation: Upcoming changes in the Stay-at-Home Order will move the entire state methodically through opening further. Those counties with variation attestation may progress to open these sectors more rapidly, according to their county-specific plan for modification.
  • Destination retail (retail stores), including shopping malls and swap meets

  • Dine-in restaurants (other amenities, like bars or gaming areas, are not permitted in Stage 2)

  • Schools with modifications

​​Not Permitted in Stage 2

  • ​Personal services such as nail salons, tattoo parlors, gyms and fitness studios

  • Indoor museums, kids museums and gallery spaces, zoos and libraries

  • Community centers, including public pools, playgrounds, and picnic areas

  • Limited-capacity religious services and cultural ceremonies

  • Nightclubs

  • Concert venues

  • Live audience sports

  • Festivals

  • Theme parks

  • Hotels/lodging for leisure and tourism – non-essential travel

  • Higher Education

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