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Court Ordered Name and Gender Change

An Affidavit to Amend a Record VS 24 (PDF) form must be submitted to change the name and gender on a birth certificate. 

The VS 24 form must:

  • Contain the registrant’s signature and information in the Affidavit and Signatures Section. Two signatures are not required.
  • Request the change to the name and gender in Part II - Statement of Corrections. 
  • List applicable court order information in Field 11 - Reason for Correction. (Example: "To change the name and gender of the registrant pursuant to court order number 1234 granted in the Superior Court of Sacramento, dated 01/01/2021.")

Note: If the registrant is unavailable to sign, two people with knowledge of the facts may complete the Affidavit and Signatures Section. 

For additional information please see the informational pamphlet:

Certified Court Order

A certified copy of the court order name and gender change is required. The "certified" copy is a copy of the order that was originally prepared by the court and signed by the judge.  It cannot be an original printout.  The copy you receive from the court must have all of the following:

  • An original court seal
  • A signature (or signature stamp) of the judge
  • An original signature (or signature stamp) of the court clerk

Sworn Statement

A notarized Sworn Statement, completed by an authorized person, is required to receive a certified authorized copy of the amended certificate.  Please visit the Authorized Copy vs. Informational Copy webpage for a list of authorized persons.

Certificate Fees

  • There is a twenty-six dollar ($26) registration fee, which includes one certified copy of the new certificate.
  • Additional copies are twenty-nine dollars ($29) each.

Processing Times

Please refer to the Processing Times webpage for current processing times.

Helpful Tips

  • Complete all documents in black ink
  • No erasures, alterations or whiteouts are allowed on the VS 24 form
  • This form will assist in creating the new birth certificate

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