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Licensing and Certification Program

Work Plan Updates and Goal Completion Reports

Remediation Recommendations: Work Plan Updates

September 2018 Work Plan Update (PDF)
August 2017 Work Plan Update (PDF)
February 2017 Work Plan Update (PDF)

Transformation and Remediation Goal Completion Reports

Recommendation #1: Build a Visionary Executive Leadership Team (PDF)
Recommendation #2: Create a Change Management and Governance Structure (PDF)
Recommendation #3: Expand External Stakeholder Engagement (PDF)
Recommendation #4: Strategic Plan (PDF)
Recommendation #6: Overhaul Approach for LA County Workload Management and Oversight (PDF)
Recommendation #7: Establish and Monitor Key Performance Indicators (PDF)

Recommendation #9: Improve Hiring and Promotion Processes (PDF)
Recommendation #10: Develop a Staffing Model and Workforce Plan (PDF)
Recommendation #11: Design and Implement a HFEN Recruitment Strategy and Campaign (PDF)
Recommendation #12: Design and Implement an Employee Retention Plan for District Offices (PDF)

Recommendation # 13: Improve HFEN Onboarding and Initial Training (PDF)

Recommendation # 14: Improve non-HFEN Onboarding and Initial Training (PDF)

Recommendation # 15: Ongoing Training and Staff Development (PDF)

Recommendation # 16: Develop and Implement a Leadership and Management Skills Development Program (PDF)

Recommendation # 17: Improve Communication, Collaboration, and Sharing of Best Practices (PDF)

Recommendation # 18: Implementing Lean Thinking for Key Working Processes (PDF)
Recommendation #19: Deploy IT Hardware and Software Upgrades (PDF)
Recommendation #20: Update Policies and Procedures (PDF)
Recommendation #21: Update Regulations (PDF)

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