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Online/Distance Learning

Nurse Assistant Training Program  (NATP)

Best Practices for NATP Operation and Policies & Procedures Development

It is essential for training programs to include these “Best Practices” in the policies and procedures and during NATP operation.

Policy and Procedure Manual:

Policies and procedures should provide guidance to staff and students on the daily training program operations. Each policy should indicate job duties, people responsible, when and where the jobs are performed, and how to accomplish the necessary tasks. An organizational chart and instructor monitoring checklist must be included in the manual.
  • An organizational chart for the online NATP must be developed and include the person in charge, lines of authority, and job titles.
  • An instructor monitoring checklist must be developed and used to monitor each instructor. The checklist must include verification that the instructor is compliant with the online NATP policy and procedure and applicable State and Federal regulations. The Registered Nurse Program Director (RNPD) will monitor the instructor at least once during theory instruction and once during clinical instruction, or more if necessary. Minimal verification of the instructor includes:
    • Approved by the Department prior to teaching the online NATP
    • Currently licensed as a nurse and is in possession of an active nursing license
    • Teaching according to the curriculum and training schedule
    • Providing clinical training at a Department approved skilled nursing facility
    • Personally witnessing return skills demonstrations prior to signing off CDPH E276A form
    • Avoiding “blanketing signatures” by initialing each skill, module or component independently when documenting student progress

Student Enrollment:

Upon enrollment and prior to beginning clinical training, and before any direct contact with patients, the online NATP must submit to the Department Aide and Technician Certification Section Registry:
  • BCIA 8016 Request for Live Scan Service form for each student
  • CDPH 283B CNA Initial Application form:
    • Students fill out top portions (Sections I-III)
    • NATPs fill out Section IV
    • Student to sign Section V
  • CDPH 283I Transmittal for Criminal Background Clearance form for the entire class.
  • Submit documents to the address or fax number listed in the top right-hand corner of the CDPH 283B form.
    The training program should indicate in the policies and procedures manual who is responsible to submit the CDPH 283B to the Department.

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