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healthcare-associated infections (hai) program 

California’s Project Firstline
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do you offer CEUs? 

Currently, we are unable to offer CEUs. However, your participation is helping keep you, your family, and your residents safe from infections. We do offer a Certificate of Attendance, and facility leadership may be able to use our training material to provide CEUs to their staff (inquire with your facility). 

Q: Will these courses qualify as in-service hours for the CNA’s? 

In-service hours content is determined by individual facilities. Please check with your facility. 

Q: Does Project Firstline offer private training for individual facilities or corporate groups? 
Yes, our Infection Prevention and Control Trainers may be available to host a training with your facility CNAs (in-person or web-based, depending on availability and group size). Contact for more information. 

Q: Will the slides and recordings be made available for us to review? 

Yes, session slides and recordings will be made available on our website after the final session of each month. Please visit our Resources page to access these materials.

Q: Can I take a course more than once? 

Yes, you can attend more than one training session with the same topic. Please register for the additional session(s) you plan to attend to receive a Zoom link for that session.

Q: Will I receive a Certificate of Attendance? 

Yes, provided you attend the full training and complete the course evaluation. After you attend a session, the course evaluation will be sent to the email address with which you registered within 5-7 business days. You will automatically receive you Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the evaluation. For groups (registered under one email): Certificates of Attendance can only be issued to participants with valid email addresses. The group registrant should send a list of participants and their email addresses to Once received, Project Firstline staff will confirm attendances and reach out to each participant with the next steps on how to register their email address. Upon registration, a short evaluation will be sent to each participant via email within 5-7 business days. Individuals must submit a complete evaluation to receive a Certificate of Attendance. 

Q: If I join a session late, will I still receive a Certificate of Attendance? 

Training sessions are planned to start on time and attendance is required for the duration of the presentation. We will allow a 5-minute grace period at the beginning of the presentation; if you join after 5 minutes into the session, we encourage you to attend another session to receive full credit. In the event you are disconnected from the webinar, please rejoin if you are able. We encourage participation during the optional Q & A portion as well, but participants may choose to stay as their schedule allows. 

Q: Will I receive a Certificate of Attendance if I watch the video on your website? 

No, Certificates of Attendance are only provided if you attend a live, scheduled training and complete the course evaluation. After you take the live training course, we encourage you to use the recordings to help you review infection prevention and control strategies!

Q: How often do you offer these types of trainings? 

We offer trainings monthly with each month focusing on a specific infection prevention topic. We also host a review session along with trainings to review content and provide a forum for CNAs to discuss the current topic of the month. View available trainings on our Registration page.

Q: What are review sessions? How do I attend? Do I have to attend? 

Review sessions are opportunities to review the training topic of that month and to direct questions to our CDPH HAI Program Infection Preventionists and Infection Prevention and Control Trainers. During these sessions we will reinforce infection prevention principles of daily care activities and encourage case study discussion in an interactive format. Review sessions are offered 1-2 times a month; the meeting link is provided in your registration confirmation email. Attendances is strongly suggested, though not required. 

Q: Will there be courses offered on Saturday? What about evening courses? 

Yes, we have multiple sessions a month and want to vary the days and times of the trainings we offer. Check the Project Firstline website each month for the full schedule. 

Q: I didn’t receive my Certificate of Attendance. Who should I contact? 

You must complete the course evaluation to receive a Certificate of Attendance. Look for the evaluation email from "" which will arrive to the email address with which you registered within 5-7 business days after the training session. If you’ve checked the above, contact so we can troubleshoot.

Q: If I miss or can no longer attend the session I registered for, can I switch to another session? 

Yes, just register for the course you’d like to attend, and a new link will be sent to you.
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