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healthcare-associated infections (hai) program

Establishing Best Practices Through Shared LHD Resources:
Examples from California Local Health Departments

This page houses infection prevention resources shared by California Local Health Departments (LHD). Materials shared may be adapted for local use. Questions should be directed to the LHD listed, and credit should be given as appropriate when materials are used or adapted.
To share a tool, best practice, or other example developed at your LHD on this resource page, contact the HAI Program at

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​Stanislaus Health Services Agency sends materials to facilities after the first positive COVID test to highlight specific next steps, which include: 

  • Local testing sites and LHD staff
  • How to request resources through MOAC
  • A 213 and Instructions on how to fill it out
  • Confidentiality agreement for them to sign
    • If contact tracing is reaching out to any of their staff, it is already taken care of ahead of time

Healthcare Facility Watch List Linelist:

  • Facility may fill in the basics and then add to it as they move forward
  • If they can front load all of their staff and residents on that list, it helps process go more smoothly once there are more positive cases.
  • LHD asks facilities to send updates at least weekly. Could be daily or as events occur, if there are new positives or deaths.
​Stanislaus Health Services Agency


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