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California Home Visiting Program (CHVP)

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January 9, 2018


CHVP Program Consultant

New CHVP Communications Policy Regarding Telehealth Encounters

To:  California Home Visiting Program (CHVP) Directors, Coordinators and Designees;
Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Directors And Coordinators; 
Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) Nurse Supervisors; 
Supervisors And Designees


The purpose of this letter is to notify sites of the option to utilize telehealth with participants. This policy aims to outline telehealth procedures, minimum requirements, and logistics that are to be applied when telehealth encounters occur.


This telehealth policy was developed as result of approvals from both the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) model and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for sites to utilize telehealth encounters with participants.

Site Action

All sites are required follow procedures for telehealth encounters in accordance with definitions and minimum requirements outlined in the policy 200-40. Through documentation and ongoing monitoring, sites are to ensure proper NFP and CHVP data collection methods are in practice.

CHVP Action

Through regular data monitoring and chart review, CHVP will ensure sites are in compliance with data collection methods and NFP model standards.

For questions or concerns regarding these policies, please contact your respective CHVP Program Consultant.

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