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​​Record Keeping

Efficient record keeping is essential to both maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring a smooth running cannabis business. The documents that must be maintained include current standard operating procedures §40275 (PDF), premises diagram §40105 (PDF), shipping manifests, personnel records §40280 (PDF) and sales invoices and receipts §40280 (PDF).

In addition to these business documents, cannabis manufacturers must also maintain documentation associated with their Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). These include:

  • Product Quality Plan §40253 (PDF) (for each product type) - An assessment of the overall manufacturing process that identifies potential risks to cannabis product quality, including biological, chemical or physical hazards or process failures; preventative measures to mitigate the risks; and methods for evaluating and monitoring effectiveness of the preventative measures.

  • Master Manufacturing Protocol §40255 (PDF) (for each formulation and batch size) - Step-by-step instructions for creating the finished product.

  • Batch Production Records §40258 (PDF) (for each batch produced) - Detailed documentation of the production and control of each batch. 

Additional information regarding required record keeping can be found in the CDPH regulations §40500 (PDF).

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