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The California Department of Public Health’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB) participates in and hosts events throughout the year to provide information to current and potential licensees and the general public. These events include workshops, presentations, panels, conferences, committee meetings and more, and a selection are listed below.

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July & August, 2018 - Public Comment Hearings

MCSB hosted three public hearings, in Brea, Eureka and Oakland, to receive comments on the proposed regulations released on July 13, 2018. These hearings were part of the 45-day public comment period held during the formal rulemaking process.

January & February, 2018 - Licensing Workshops

MCSB participated in five licensing workshops hosted by the Bureau of Cannabis Control in Monterey, Irvine, San Diego, Oakland, Ukiah. The workshops focused on licensing information resources are available for those applying for state commercial cannabis licenses. Other state and local agencies also joined the three state cannabis offices in providing information to potential licensees.

January & February, 2018 - Track-and-Trace Workshops

November & December, 2017 – Licensing Informational Sessions

MCSB hosted 20 licensing training sessions throughout the state in November and December 2017. These trainings aimed to assist licensees in better understanding the regulatory requirements, license application process, and commonly asked questions.  Two sessions were held in each of the following locations: Eureka, Sacramento, San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco, Salinas, Los Angeles, Lynwood, Desert Hot Springs and Fresno.

October, 2017 – Licensing Workshops

MCSB participated in three licensing workshops hosted by the Bureau of Cannabis Control in Los Angeles, Riverside and Sacramento. The purpose of the workshops was to provide interested applicants with information about licensure and cannabis regulation.

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