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 CDPH defines a "premises" as space that is separate and distinct from another business' space with no sharing of manufacturing areas or equipment. CDPH does not specify how the space must be divided (walls, curtains, etc.), but however the premises is divided, good manufacturing practices must be maintained. These include prevention of cross contamination, sanitation of workspaces, etc. Manufacturers certainly must secure their premises according to the regulations, especially by ensuring limited access to cannabis plant material or product.

Section 40105 of CDPH regulations require manufacturers to include a diagram, to scale, that shows the manufacturing premises and all of the following:

  • Boundaries, dimensions, entrances and exits, interior partitions, walls, rooms, windows and doorways
  • Areas where commercial cannabis activity will be conducted, including extraction, infusion, packaging and labeling, and transportation (loading and unloading of cannabis and cannabis products)
  • Limited-access areas, areas used for video surveillance monitoring and storage devices and security camera locations
  • Cannabis waste disposal areas

For more information about premise diagrams and premises designations, please refer to §40105 of the CDPH regulations on cannabis (beginning on page 8). ​​

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