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​2020 Email Notifications
​Date Distributed
​COVID-19 Update: Additional License Fee Deferral Eligibility
June 29​
Email Newsletters - Resolved Technical Error
June 9​
COVID-19 Updates, Theft Notifications
​June 5
​COVID-19 Update: License Fee Deferrals
​May 14
COVID-19 Update: 3-21-2020​
​March 21
Donations of Cannabis and Cannabis Products
​February 29
Cannabis Budget Proposal
​January 10
California Cannabis Experience Survey Reminder
​January 6

​2019 Email Notifications
​Date Distributed
Track-and-Trace Notification: External Transfers
​December 23
Reminder: Child-Resistant Packaging Requirement
​December 3
Legislative Update: Vape Cartridge Labeling
​October 29
CCTT Loss of Access - Power Outages
​October 27
Track-and-Trace Workshops
​October 1
Update for Temporary Licensees 
​March 29
Legislative Update: AB 97
​July 26
Packaging & Labeling Compliance Reminder
​June 19
New Packaging & Labeling Handouts
​March 7
Cannabis Regulations Approved and in Effect
​January 16

​2018 Email Notifications
Date Distributed​
Cannabis Regulations Submitted for OAL Review
​December 7
Sunset of Temporary Licenses
​October 31
Modifications to Proposed Regulations
​October 19
Reminder to Complete Track-and-Trace Training
​October 12
Steps to Gain Access to Track-and-Trace
​September 7
Closing of 45-Day Public Comment Period
​August 27
Cannabis Regulations Published for Public Comment
​July 13
Criminal Background Check Form Now Available
​July 9
New Packaging & Labeling Resources
​June 29
Cannabis Emergency Regulations Re-Adopted
​June 6
Public Comment for Re-Adoption of Cannabis Emergency Regulations
​May 25
Proposed Re-Adoption of Cannabis Emergency Regulations 
​May 18
Temporary Licenses and Application Resources (PDF)
​April 26
Shared-Use Emergency Regulations Approved and in Effect (PDF)
​April 18
Temporary License Extensions and Live Scan Bypass (PDF)
​April 6
Public Comment for Shared-Use Facilities Emergency Regulations (PDF)
​April 3
Emergency Regulations for Shared-Use Facilities (PDF)
​March 23

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