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​​Local Authorization

Both Proposition 64 and the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) established a dual licensing structure in which both the state and local governments play a role in setting guidelines and public health standards for cannabis businesses.

To obtain an annual license, you must be in compliance with the ordinances of your local jurisdiction:

  1. If your local jurisdiction has passed an ordinance relating to commercial cannabis operations, you must meet the requirements of that ordinance.
  2. If your local jurisdiction has not passed any cannabis-specific ordinances, you must comply with any ordinances applicable for your particular business. These may include business permitting requirements, zoning requirements, and/or any requirements for similar manufacturing operations.
  3. If your local jurisdiction has banned commercial cannabis operations, you will not be able to obtain a state license.

You are not required to submit a copy of your local authorization with your annual license application, but including this documentation may shorten review time. When MCSB receives an application, we must, by law, contact the city or county in which your premises is located to verify local compliance. If a permit or other authorization to operate a cannabis manufacturing business is submitted with the application, the local office has 10 days to respond. If you do not attach local authorization, the local office has 60 days to respond.

How Do I Find My Local Jurisdiction?

To find your local jurisdiction, type your address into the tool on this website: California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. Look at the bottom of the search results on the left side of the page. If it says a city name, you are in that city's jurisdiction. If it says "Unincorporated Area" with a county name, you are in that county's jurisdiction.

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