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Tips for Navigating the Manufactured Cannabis Licensing System (MCLS)

  • Apply for a License
  • Do not use the browser's back button.
  • Signatures are added electronically using your mouse or touch screen.
  • When signing your name, you must click "Accept" below the signature line before hitting the "Next" button.
  • If you do not write down your Individual ID after completing your individual profile, you may retrieve it by going to your MCLS Profile.
  • Your ATI Number is provided by the fingerprinting office and is located at the bottom of your Live Scan form. It is an alphanumerical number.
  • The section that inquires about other licenses you have applied for with the Bureau of Cannabis Control or CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing is an optional section for informational purposes only. This section does not allow you to apply for those other licenses through MCLS.
  • The file size limit for an upload is 50MB.

License Application Resources

License Application Checklist (PDF)

License Application: Guide to Required Documents (PDF)

'Request for Live Scan' Form (BCIA 8016) (PDF)

Live Scan Instructions for Out-of-State Owners (PDF)

Sample Property Owner's Consent Form (PDF)

Surety Bond Form (PDF)

How to Submit Your License Fee Payment (PDF)

How to Download Your License Certificates (PDF)

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