Working Together on the Opioid Crisis

California is partnering with all levels of government, universities, and research facilities to address prevention, enforcement and treatment of the opioid crisis.


California Overdose Prevention Network (COPN)

COPN's mission is to build a movement to strengthen connections within communities and provide access to knowledge, training and resources to implement solutions that save lives.


Systems of Care Learning Collaborative
A multi-sectoral, county-specific intensive process improvement and Technical Assistance (TA) programming on expanding access to MAT and the full continuum of care. This in-person, two-day facilitated event and ongoing coaching map out the local ecosystem and identify gaps, where criminal justice and law enforcement partners collaborate with health system partners.​

Tribal Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Project
The Tribal MAT Program aims to improve MAT access for urban and tribal communities by increasing the total number of waivered prescribers certified and providing expanded MAT services that incorporate the values and culture of the communities being served.


Fentanyl Enforcement Program
Nearly $15 million has been allocated to establish the Fentanyl Enforcement Program within the California Department of Justice, aimed at combating the manufacturing, distribution and trafficking of fentanyl.

The California Highway Patrol is working collaboratively with multiple state entities and agencies, including CalGuard and the California Department of Justice, as well as federal and local entities like Border Patrol and local police and district attorneys to focus on improving public safety, targeting fentanyl trafficking and holding the operators of drug trafficking rings accountable.

These operations build on the Master Plan, which includes an expansion of CalGuard-supported operations that last year led to a 549% increase (PDF) in seized fentanyl and historic levels of funding—$1 billion statewide—to crack down on the crisis and assist those struggling with substance use​.

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration coordinates and assists federal, state, local and Tribal law agencies to address regional drug threats with the purpose of reducing drug trafficking and drug production in the United States.​

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