Opioids Settlements

Over $26 Billion in Opioid Settlements Secured by California

In 2022, California Attorney General Rob Bonta led negotiations with other state attorneys general, resulting in a historic $26 billion settlement with pharmaceutical companies for their roles in creating and fueling the opioid epidemic. These funds are being invested in opioid treatment, education and prevention efforts throughout California at both the state and local levels.

Major Opioid Settlements Secured by California

McKinsey & Company - $573 Million Sett​lement

In February 2021, a $573 million settlement was reached with the consulting firm for its role in advising opioid companies on the promotion and sale of their drugs.​​

Purdue Pharma and the Sackler Family - $6 Billion Conditional Settlement

In March 2022, a $6 billion conditional settlement was announced, requiring the Sackler family to allow their name's removal from buildings, scholarships and fellowships.

Mallinckrodt - $700 Million Bankruptcy Trust

As part of its bankruptcy proceedings in October 2020 and August 2023, a trust was established with $700 million to resolve opioid-related claims, with funds going to states and local governments for opioid abatement.

Teva & Allergan - $6.6 Billion Settlement

July 2022, settlements were reached with Teva and Allergan for $6.6 billion.

These settlements prohibit opioid-related marketing by Teva and bar Allergan from selling opioids for 10 years. The settlements are currently pending court approval.

Walmart, CVS, & Walgreens - $13.8 Billion Settlements

In late 2022, settlements were reached with Walmart ($3.1 billion), CVS ($5 billion) and Walgreens ($5.7 billion).

These settlements require the companies to implement robust oversight measures to prevent fraudulent and suspicious prescriptions. These settlements, which require court approval, will be the first multistate settlements to hold chain retail pharmacies to answer for their role in the opioid crisis.

Public​is Health, LLC - $350 Million National Settlement

In February 2024, a $350 million national settlement was announced with the global marketing firm to resolve their role in the prescription opioid crisis. California will receive approximately $31 million from the settlement to help address this crisis. The settlement money is anticipated to be paid in the second quarter of 2024.

Hikma Pharmaceuticals​ - Up to $150 Million Multistate Agreement

In February 2024, a multistate agreement in principle was announced, requiring the opioid manufacturer to pay up to $150 million to address its role in the opioid crisis.

For more information on these settlements and how the funds will be used, visit the California Department of Justice’s National Opioids Settlements page​.

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