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nutrition education and obesity prevention branch (NEOPB)

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Required and Recommended Trainings

Online Civil Rights Training

This is a required training for all CalFresh Healthy Living staff.

CalFresh Healthy Living Building Blocks for Success

This is highly recommended for new CalFresh Health Living (CFHL) staff to help them explore the fundamentals of the program.

NOTE:  When accessing these trainings use your Google Chrome browser to avoid any access issues. 

If you have access issues while using Google Chrome, please send an email to and with information on the type of access issue (e.g., error message) you are having. 

Additional Resources

CalFresh Healthy Living Basic Nutrition Topics (PDF)

This is a list of nutrition related topics that CFHL staff may need to be familiar with to be successful in their jobs.  It also contains links to resources that have more detailed information for these topics. It is aimed for new CFHL staff who may not have strong backgrounds in nutrition. We encourage CFHL Local Implementing Agency supervisors to share this document with their new staff to help them prepare for their work.

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