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Survey Instruments, Training Manuals, and Protocols ​

California Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

Online California Adult Tobacco Survey (CATS)


California Student Tobacco Survey (CSTS)


California Smoker Cohort (CSC)


California Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community (HSHC) Store Observation Survey, Key Informant Interviews and Public Intercept Surveys

HSHC Marketing Surveillance Training Manual 2016 (PDF, 4MB)

The Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community campaign is a statewide collaboration between tobacco use prevention; nutrition and obesity prevention; alcohol abuse prevention; and sexually transmitted disease prevention partners. The goal is to improve the health of Californians by creating change at the retail level that supports healthy living. This joint effort assesses the availability and marketing of tobacco products, food, condoms, and alcohol products. In 2013 and 2016, California local health departments and their partners conducted store observations using these instruments. Observational surveys were augmented with public intercept surveys and key informant interviews.

The California Tobacco Retail Surveillance Study (CTRSS; formerly known as the California Tobacco Advertising Study, CTAS) is designed to assess retail availability, promotion and placement of tobacco products and marketing materials for tobacco products, as well as changes to these items over time. In 2014, the survey was expanded to the availability and promotion of flavored tobacco products as well as electronic nicotine delivery systems.

Emory University Smoke-Free Homes (SFH) Intervention


Multi-Unit Housing (MUH) Owner/Manager Survey


Local Evaluation Instruments Examples

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