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California tobacco control branch

Facts and Figures

This file summarizes data from the 2018 Young Adult Tobacco Purchase Survey (YATPS). YATPS is an annual statewide survey conducted since 2017 that captures the percentage of retailers who sold tobacco to underage young adults age 18 or 19. YATPS was conducted to evaluate retailer compliance to California’s Tobacco 21 legislation that increased the minimum legal age-of-sale for tobacco from 18 to 21.
This report is a reference for recent tobacco control statistics for the state of California. It includes statewide tobacco data around a variety of topics including electronic smoking devices, flavored tobacco, secondhand smoke, health effects, tobacco retail environment, and smoking cessation. 
The Density of Tobacco Retailers Fact Sheet provides information about how density of tobacco retailers can influence tobacco use, and strategies to reduce tobacco retailers and tobacco use.
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