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Opioid Abuse Prevention

Statewide Opioid Safety Workgroup

TeamHuddleWebIn response to the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) President’s Challenge in 2014, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Director and State Public Health Officer convened and has continued to provide leadership for the Statewide Opioid Safety (SOS) Workgroup. The SOS Workgroup provides a forum to encourage collaboration across various state sectors to align activities and messages in addressing the opioid epidemic in California.  The SOS Workgroup brings together over 40 state and non-government stakeholder organizations/agencies to improve coordination and expand joint efforts to address opioid misuse, addiction, and overdose deaths. In addition, the SOS Workgroup has four supporting task forces that include local and non-government entities.


  1. Strengthen the Workgroup infrastructure to improve effectiveness and expand collaboration
  2. Promote increases in treatment infrastructure, harm reduction services, MAT Access, and Naloxone Distribution
  3. Identify and prioritize best practices and policies for priority populations and high risk settings
  4. Promote and support expansion of data sharing
  5. Identify, promote and support implementation of effective policy and practice solutions
  6. Support, promote, and coordinate communication, education, and awareness efforts among SOS Workgroup partners and other state and local stakeholders
  7. Support local opioid safety coalitions and community engagement

Task Forces

CommunicationThe focus of the Communication task force is to develop and deliver compelling messages that shift patient attitudes and behavior regarding opioid use and pain management.

DataThe focus of the Data task force is to increase access and sharing on prescribing, overdoses, and deaths to track the epidemic and inform interventions.

OpioidTreatmentThe focus of the Opioid Treatment task force is to increase the availability of medication assisted treatment and naloxone to prevent overdose deaths while improving the quality of life for individuals experiencing opioid use disorder.

MaternalNeonatalThe focus of the Maternal Neonatal task force is to take action to address maternal/perinatal opioid issues through “mutually reinforcing” activities.
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