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May we assist you in locating information during our transition?

Welcome to the new web site!  Our most popular content is moving from our former site which was renamed to on May 1, 2017.  Our new site may have former site content but we have moved or renamed our content to improve our site. To locate information:


 First Time or Infrequent Visitors

  •  Verify the URL that you entered and make sure it is correct. 

 Frequent Visitors

  • Try replacing the '' or '' portion of the URL with '' in your web browsers address bar.
  • Favorite pages either bookmarked or saved to your desktop should be updated to the new location on our new site.
  • You can replace the '' or '' portion of saved addresses with '' until the content moves to our new site and if it is only located on our old site.

All Visitors

  • Please use our search on using the topic of interest.
  • You can refine your results if you are used to working with a particular entity in our department or look under our Programs and A-Z index.
  • If the content you are looking for is not located on this site, please navigate to the old CDPH website: and search for the topic of interest.
  • If you have a report or document, you may try copying terms from those into our search engines. This may result in display of the report or document which may have a new path or name on our new site.

CDPH Partners

  • We appreciate your support by updating links from your sites to the new location on ours.

Thank you for your patience and we hope our new site better serves your needs.