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manage your pain

Know Your OptionsWomen on a message table having her head rubbed

Chronic pain management can be difficult. Talk to

your doctor about ways to manage your pain that do

not involve prescription opioids. Non-opioid

treatments such as physical therapy, exercise, non-

opioid medications, or cognitive behavioral therapy

can provide an effective alternative for pain

management. For more information, see

Helpful Materials for Patients or Nonopioid Treatments for Chronic Pain (PDF).


Store Medication Safely


Child sitting on the floor with pills in his hand

Your medications are for you only, and they may be unsafe

for someone else. Keeping your pain medications in cabinets

or drawers can be dangerous. Protect your family members

and friends from taking drugs not meant for them. Store

prescription pain meds up and out of sight in a secure,

locked location. For more information, read about how to Store Prescription Pain Meds Safely.


Medication Disposal

DEA National Takeback poster

Unused prescription medications in homes create a safety

concern. Protect your family and friends by getting rid of

unused medications safely. Local disposal locations and

Take Back Day events have free disposal of unused

medications. Your local pharmacy may be a place that can

help you turn in your unused medications. To find a pharmacy

near you that has collection bins or mail-back envelopes, use

the California State Board of Pharmacy locator.

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