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California's Approach to the Opioid Epidemic

Promote Public Education and Awareness

California is working to educate Californians about the risks associated with prescription opioids and to raise awareness around the availability of Medication Assisted Treatment. Below are the current campaign efforts.
  • ​California Department of Public Health
    • Your Pain is Real. So Are the Risks. Education campaign seeks to increase awareness about the dangers of prescription medications that contain opioids. The campaign also encourages patients to talk to health care providers about safe pain management options.  The goal of this campaign is to shift norms away from relying on opioids for the treatment of long term, chronic pain, and to encourage treatment for those with substance use disorder.
    • CDPH is developing an additional media campaign targeting additional vulnerable populations defined by epidemiological need and risk. The media campaign will address the unique risks and health needs of adults aged 50-85, and will be about opioid use disorder, addiction, unintended overdose, and safer alternatives.
  • Department of Health Care Services is developing a media campaign that aims to increase access to Medication-Assisted Treatment, reduce stigma around seeking and providing treatment, and promote treatment for those suffering from substance use disorder.
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