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Protect Yourself and Your Family During Virus Season, Learn How to Protect Yourself & Your CommunityProtect Yourself and Your Family During Virus SeasonMany respiratory viruses like the flu, COVID-19 and RSV circulate in the fall and winter. Respiratory viruses can be more serious in some people. You can take simple actions to lower your chances of getting and spreading viruses. #0072C6
Diabetes Prevention, Learn More About Diabetes PreventionDiabetes PreventionMore than 1 in 3 adults have prediabetes and may not even know it. Lifestyle changes like increasing physical activity and eating healthy can help prevent diabetes from developing.#0072C6


​​Prevent Foodborne Illness

Practice food safety this holiday season​ to keep you and your family healthy! Following 4 simple steps at home—C​lean, Separate, Cook and Chill—can help protect you and your loved ones from food poisoning.

Get more tips to prevent​ foodborne illnesses and outbreaks.​

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Over-the-Counter NaloxoneOver-the-Counter Naloxonehttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/NaloxonePT.png, Graphic image with pink background & orange bottle of Naloxone, Get the Facts
Free At-Home COVID-19 TestsFree At-Home COVID-19 Testshttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/FreeCovidTests.jpg, Person taking an at-home Covid test, Order Tests
When & Why to Wear a MaskWhen & Why to Wear a Maskhttp://cdph-default/Programs/CID/DCDC/PublishingImages/COVID-19/N95Mask.jpg, White N95 mask, Tips & Resources



Vital RecordsVital Records ​ ​​​, Start Lookinghttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-vital-records.png, Birth certificate type image with 2 footprints#2E8540
Information & Resources in SpanishInformation & Resources in Spanish, Browse Informationhttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-salud.png, 2 talking bubbles with ES in one#0071BB
COVID-19 UpdatesCOVID-19 Updates ​​, Get the Latesthttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-c19-data.png, Data chart & graph#EB6E1F
Certificates, Licenses, Permits & RegistrationsCertificates, Licenses, Permits & Registrations ​​, Find What You Needhttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-clpr.png, Stack of papers#2E8540
The Future of Public HealthThe Future of Public Health ​​​, Learn Morehttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-f-o-p.png, Outline of 5 bodies standing in a row#721571