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Training Program Review Unit 

The Training Program Review Unit (TPRU) is responsible for the oversight and monitoring of Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Home Health Aide (HHA), and Hemodialysis Technician (CHT) training programs.  All programs approved by the TPRU are compliant with the requirement of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA ’87).  In addition, the TPRU monitors and approves all required in-service and orientation programs in long term nursing facilities and Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facilities (D/P SNF) to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements.

Forms and Requirements

The following forms must be submitted to :

Training Program Review Unit (TPRU)
California Department of Public Health
Licensing and Certification Program
P.O. Box 997416, MS-3301
Sacramento, CA 95899-7416 

  • Submit the original Training Program Application form with all the required materials listed on the back of the form.
  • Qualifications of the registered nurse responsible for the training program and qualifications of all instructors.
  • Disclosure of Ownership and Control Interest form (private schools only)
  • If the application is for a school/agency, copies of the contracts with clinical training sites must be submitted.
  • Lesson plans and policies and procedures.

A Training Program Review Unit Representative will schedule an onsite survey visit when the Department has received an acceptable completed package. Based upon observations and interviews during the onsite survey, the Unit Representative will determine training program compliance with state and federal requirements. Training may not commence until the training program application package is approved by the Department.

If a training program desires to have more than one location and/or more than one training schedule approved and operational, then it must submit a completed application packet for each location and/or for each training schedule. Only one training program provider identification number is approved for each location and that number is connected to one training schedule.  

List of training schools and continuing education programs.

If you have any questions, click on the "Current Training Program Unit staff county geographic assignments" link below. Call the TPRU Unit Representative assigned to your County at the phone number listed.

Nurse Assistant Training Program Application Forms


State and Federal Training Program Requirements 

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